Michael M. Miller, Director, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, ND

“Thanks so much for sharing the Schnaidt Family Journey publication – all I can say most impressive and well done! You leave a “Living Legacy” for family members who have the work as a family resource as well as history of the heritage and culture of our people – the Germans from Russia. We are pleased to add this family history to the archives of the GRHC Family History Collection.”

The Schnaidt Family Journey

Our Schnaidt family connection originally goes back to the Kingdom of Württemberg (Germany). Our family left the village of Hagelloch in 1805 and arrived in the Glückstal Colonies by 1809. There were three brothers, Friedrich Wilhelm, Johann Georg and Johannes Schnaidt and possibly a sister, Christina Magdalena. Their father, Johann Georg Schnaidt Sr., was born in Unterjesingen and died in Hagelloch in 1795.

Our family line originates in Unterjesingen, Württemberg. Their mother, Magdalena Zeeb Schnaidt and step father, Christian Wanner got married in 1796 in Hagelloch. Both Magdalena Zeeb Schnaidt, and step father, Christian Wanner, died somewhere on the journey to South Russia or shortly after they arrived in Kassel by 1810.

The journey to South Russia took years until they finally settled in the Glückstal Colonies. Friedrich Wilhelm, Johann Georg and Johannes Schnaidt arrived in the Glückstal Colonies as orphans, and each lived with a widow. They worked their respective widow’s homesteads until they married and ultimately got their own homesteads.

Friedrich Wilhelm grew up and became mayor of the village of Kassel in the Glückstal Colonies. He had a son, Friedrich Jr. who also became the mayor of Kassel. Friedrich Jr. had a son, Jacob, who in 1873 moved to the Menno, South Dakota with a group of families from Kassel.

The meaning of our Schnaidt Coat of Arms is “Gentleman”. In its original and strict sense the term denoted a man of good family, deriving from the Latin word gentiles and invariably translated in English-Latin documents as generous.

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Schnaidt Familienreisen (Schnaidt Family Travels) See the map here.